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The opportunity we pursue is to transform (in the true sense of the word) individuals and businesses / organisations, primarily through behaviour change and organisational development (Business Coaching), otherwise known as O & D. Behaviour change and change in general is achieved through Executive / Leadership, Business, and Self-Mastery Coaching, our Coaching Conversations Training workshop, self mastery workshop and associated book (The Game of Life & Success – Steps to Self Mastery & Happiness), our personalised Future Leaders Now ® programme, mentoring, Talent Management interventions,  Fraud, Crime and Corruption awareness, communications, and preventions programmes and interventions, Ethics, Total Ethics Management programmes, Ethics & Integrity Thermometer, our unique “Straight Talk with Steve” and “Happiness Now” workshop and Happiness Thermometer offerings, talks, and customised interventions. The foregoing is achieved through integrity, professionalism, excellence, service efficiency and delivery.

We enable individuals and companies / organisations to transform from their current state

to their desired state, to be focused, highly effective / high performance orientated,and

therefore highly profitable.

We afford our clients’ (individually and collectively) and or their business / organisations a definitive moment in time to achieve anything they set their mind to (within reason) attain a degree of self mastery, a state of all-round wellness, and reach previously unimagined heights.

We are more than a coaching business. We offer our clients’ customised transformation interventions (in the area of people and processes) to suite their unique challenges / opportunities.

Our coaches and transformation facilitators' guide, empower, and assist our clients’ to ignite their innate power and inner magnificence and wisdom towards reaching their and or their companies / organisations’ FULL potential. We facilitate the transformation of people's lives, personal reinvention, enable people to achieve any and all of their goals, and lead purposeful, balanced and fulfilled lives.

One of our core offering is enabling the leaders of tomorrow, NOW, toward prosperous organisations and a sustainable world. This is achieved through our unique service offering, one of which is Future Leaders Now.