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About Our Owner

Steve Krummeck, (W)Right Coaching owner, and your professional lead coach (amongst other coach’s and experts that we have on our panel), is a highly motivated, positive, inspirational individual who thrives on challenge, change, new and interesting experiences, and igniting individuals and team’s inherent inner strengths, abilities, and passion to reach previously unimagined success, happiness and fulfilment.

Steve is a Professional Certified Coach (Life, Business, and Executive / Leadership Coaching)  through the University of Stellenbosch - Executive Development Ltd and the I-Coach Academy based in the United Kingdom with branches in New York and South Africa. Steve is also an internationally publishes author (South Africa and the United States of America). For details, go here.

He has an array of skills ranging from self-mastery, happiness, project management, marketing management, human resource management, business management, total ethics management, public relations, communication science, and more. Steve worked in the corporate world from 1987 to 2005. Through coaching and his passion and dedication to make a positive difference to individuals companies, and organisations he has worked within, Steve has built up a string of successes in bringing about empowered, highly productive, effective, value-add, inspirational, fulfilled, happy and balanced individuals and teams. Steve believes that teamwork is key, especially in the client (coachee), coach relationship. Steve also works on the foundation that we as individuals are all connected to one another and therefore have a profound effect on others, companies, organisations, countries and the world as a whole. One of Steve’s passions in coaching is to ignite a powerful positive influence within YOU, our valued client.

In relation to Steve’s skills, he has various qualifications, including a National Diploma in Public Relations, Business Management, Marketing Management, Project Management, and Human Resource Management. Steve is also a certified Ethics Officer with the Ethics Institute of South Africa.

Steve is highly intuitive and uses this ability in coaching sessions with his clients (coachee) to guide them towards what they truly are capable of, what they wish to achieve in their lives, and personal mastery.

Through powerful coaching techniques, tools, and your inner inborn abilities, we will enable you to unlock your limitless potential and achieve unimagined success, happiness, and fulfilment. I invite you to open yourself to a universe of opportunities and the life and business / organisation that you so richly deserve.

Remember, What You See (in your minds eye) Is What You Get ®” – Steve Krummeck, The (W)Right Coaching CC.

You hold the key to and are the master of your destiny!

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