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About (W)Right Coaching

Amongst a multitude of other exciting and unique offerings (refer to Services Offered), we specialise in assisting our clients in bringing about a degree of personal mastery in their lives, relationships, careers, and or businesses / organisations. Click here for our business profile (PDF version), and here for an abridged Microsoft Power Point version.

Through our coaching model and process (click here for a PDF version of the model, to view one of our coaching models and processes), we are the ‘instrument to assisting and enabling you and or your company / organisation to achieve previously unimaginable outcomes and results. Other coaching models used by us (but not restricted to) include the ‘Results’ and ‘Co-Active Coaching’ models, the ‘GROW’ and ‘TGROW’ model, and ‘Colb’s’ coaching model.

The underlying approach in his coaching / transformation projects is one or a combination of the following, namely Humanistic, Ontological, Behaviouristic, and or Cognitive.

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The name ‘Wright” has been passed down from generation to generation with it being my middle name, namely ‘Steve Wright Krummeck”. This is where the idea of my company name came to be born. Click here for the mind blowing, one of a kind history of the name “Wright’ which has been passed down since 1862 from Wilson Wright Brown, from one generation to another.

The world of opportunity is in your hands. You have the choice to achieve anything you set your mind to, whether its for yourself or for your company / organisation that you work for. The (W)Right Coaching CC is your partner in making it happen, NOW!

We are a proud member of Coaches and Mentors of South Africa