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Executive/Leadership/Management Coaching

One objective of Executive/Leadership/Management Coaching is to enhance executives performance and maximise their potential.

Coaching also assists leaders raise and develop their consciousness, thereby enabling them bring about phenomenal results, personally and in their business / organisation.

Effective interpersonal communication is one of the key outputs of coaching at this level.

To a large degree, executive/management/leadership coaching encompasses elements of relationship, career, life, performance and leadership coaching.

Broadly speaking, the coaching process is information gathering, goal / problem definition / desired state identification, priorities, exploration of options, intervention, and evaluation.

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A leader’s job is to create the culture, manage change, and help the people who report to them, develop and become exceptional personally and in all areas of business. Leaders may need assistance in these three essential tasks of leadership. Coaching can be used to help the leader develop this ability and / or get clarity about how to bring this about, as well as manage the culture, change, and learning.

The functions of coaching can be categorized in three areas: to achieve a defined outcome, to transfer learning, and to provide a confidant for leaders to discuss issues that occur in the workplace with someone outside of the workplace.