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Fraud, Crime & Corruption Prevention, Ethics, Total Ethics Management Programmes, & Ethics Assessment

Being a certified Ethics Officer (Ethics Institute of South Africa), I offer a consulting service within businesses / organisations to implement leading edge, unique fraud awareness and prevention, and Total Ethics Management Programmes (TEMP), an Integrity / Ethics Thermometer / Assessment, and ethics strategies and interventions, through tailor-made workshops and other identified interventions. Ethics & TEMP workshop details, go here

Successes achieved in this regard include fraud awareness interventions (within a leading financial institution) falling directly under my control, which interventions resulted in between 90% and 100% of fraud, theft, and dishonesty being prevented as a direct result of our teams fraud awareness programme. Click here to go directly to the Integrity and Ethics Thermometer / Assessment.

This was achieved through the following (amongst other’s) being included in the financial institution, throughout the group: -

Carrying out business-wide Integrity / Ethics Thermometer Assessments (and associated programmes to address ethical hot spots / danger points), a culture of integrity programme, monthly e-mail communications (including urgent warning e-mails re latest fraud trends), video’s, computer based training, performance agreements relating to fraud awareness and fraud prevention signed by every staff member, audit processes, compliance requirements, corporate governance requirements, employee appointment letters, training programmes, electronically monitored and measured fraud awareness champions, culture change programmes, ongoing presentations, group-wide ethics thermometer surveys, culture and values programmes, case studies and associated prevention tips, non-compliance to fraud awareness tracking and reporting, group wide tracking of fraud awareness results on related training, pre and post workshop tests tracked and reported on, high risk area fraud awareness presentations, loss prevention incentive scheme, fraud awareness intranet site, data casting, product and or service effectiveness surveys, and awareness brochures / calendars / mouse pads / stickers, tips and hints in in-house magazines.

Proactive Fraud, Crime, Dishonesty Prevention, Awareness & Communication Interventions Offering (NOT AVAILABLE AT PRESENT)

A high level overview of best practice pro-active prevention and detection interventions I offer are listed below. Note – I am in well placed to audit existing programmes already in existence within business / organisation, as well as design and assist business / organisations implement any one or a combination of those listed below.

 An overview of why fraud, crime, corruption, and dishonesty flourishes;

 Awareness campaigns, why the need, what format they should take, and how should the associated initiatives and programme/s be maintained and measured;

 Pro-active awareness initiatives tracking and reporting system;

 Internal Audit auditing awareness initiatives and programmes;

 Internal & external audits;

 Compliance verifying that awareness initiatives and programmes are being complied with;

 Intranet sites;

 Prevention incentive scheme;

 Induction training and associated modules;

 Contract of employment code of ethics;

 Computer based training;

 Internal and external communications – e-mail, posters, calendars, flyers, brochures, videos, in-house magazines, etc;

 Intranet sites;

 Induction training;

 Presentations;

 Management meetings;

 Staff dishonesty / Employee Fraud – The biggest threat;

 Culture change interventions;

 Awareness champions;

 Zero Tolerance to fraud, crime, and dishonesty;

 Crime syndicates;

 What factors contribute to the proliferation of fraud;

 Anonymous fraud & ethics reporting lines;

 Electronic monitoring (computers / laptops, video monitoring);

 Internal controls;

 Forensic investigations;

 IT control systems;

 Dedicated teams to recommend security measures;

 Root cause analysis of fraud, crime, and dishonesty & implement corrective / preventative measures;

 Whistle Blowers – Protected Disclosures Act;

 Fraud Prevention Policy;

 Corporate Code of Conduct;

 How fraud is prevented and detected;

 Employee pre-screening and screening once a year;

 Code of Ethics and Total Ethics Management Programmes;

 Risk assessment questionnaires;

 Help lines; and

 Product effectiveness surveys.

Codes of Ethics and Total Ethics Management Programmes

Why a Code of Ethics and the Implementation of a Total Ethics Management Programme (TEMP) Within Your Business?

A sustainable TEMP ensures that ethics has top priority within the business. The Code of Ethics and TEMP should reflect total commitment from the Board, the business Group Executive and the Chief Executive of the Group. The integration of a Values statement and associated underpinning behaviours, rules and regulations are collectively known as a Code of Ethics.

Considering relevant regulations and the King III report, it is expected that each business should demonstrate its commitment to its code of ethics by -

Annual Reports should include a statement of the extent to which the directors believe the ethical standards and above criteria of the code of ethics are being met.

To meet with the requirements as set out above, The (W)Right Coaching CC recommends your business Code of Ethics be formally revised (if one is already in place) / Code of Ethics be drafted and implemented and a formal Total Ethics Management Program be implemented within your business. As a consequence of your business recognising the need for the foregoing, The (W)Right Coaching CC would formulate a Code of Ethics Project Charter and present it to the executive team within your business. This Project Charter sets out the Ethics Project Teams’ expectations for the revising of the businesses Code of Ethics as well as the implementation of a revised / new Code of Ethics, and TEMP, including (amongst other issues) ongoing management and reporting of an Ethics program within the business.

One of the objectives of the proposed project is to ensure clear and accurate messages are distributed in order to inform and educate all stakeholders, internal and external, regarding the businesses Code of Ethics and TEMP, and the impact on their lives.

The ethical performance of an organisation is the end result of the ethical performance of every individual who works for it.  Every employee owes the business a duty of honesty, diligence and integrity in terms of his or her common-law contract of service.

The Code of Ethics (‘Code’) as recommended by the King III Report covers the entire spectrum of ethics as applied to an enterprise.  Your business should accept this Code and should operate in terms of the King III recommendations.  Your businesses Code of Ethics will aim to guide and support the business in identifying, considering, understanding and appropriately responding to business ethics situations in the workplace.

Your business needs to ensure that all it’s employees are made aware of the implications of the Code, how it will affect them and what is expected of them.  An Ethics Project Team would be tasked to develop and implement a dedicated campaign to revise and re-implement the Code, raise awareness amongst employees and introduce a Total Ethics Management Programme that will, amongst other issues, measure and report on compliance to the Code.

Should the executive team within your business be open to seriously considering revisiting it’s Code of Ethics / implementing a Code of Ethics and implementing a Total Ethics Management Programme, I hereby offer my services as a Certified Ethics Officer to compile the associated business Total Ethics Management Project Charter, for consideration within your business. Should a Total Ethics Management Programme Project be approved, The (W)Right Coaching CC would assume the project manager and subject matter expert roles (amongst others) in regard to this project within your business.

Feel free to contact me at your convenience should you have any questions in this regards and or wish to explore the foregoing further

Contact Steve Krummeck directly at your convenience should you have any questions in this regards and or wish to explore the foregoing further.

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