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Future Leaders NOW

Future Leaders Now is a unique programme offered by (W)Right Coaching. The programme is designed specifically to prepare and enable the leaders of the future companies, organisations, and world NOW. Future Leaders Now are leaders who bring about prosperous organisations and a sustainable world. The (W)Right Coaching CC enables a select group of individuals and teams toward being Future Leaders Now.

Current leadership models tend to lead the world toward self destruction.

These models are directing mankind to pollute earth’s oceans, rivers, air, ground, ground water, the human body, and every other living organism on planet earth. Through greed and ego, the earth is being stripped of what sustains life. Through rampant greed and fear, millions of humans are starving to death at any given point in time. Countries are waging war against other countries partly out of fear and an inability to lead their nations, neighbouring countries, and citizens toward peace and harmony. Money spent on killing machines and war by some of the more powerful nations could feed the human population for countless years to come.

People in general see themselves as masters of the earth, all-powerful, and separate from

everything else. The stark reality is that in general, a high percentage of the human

population are masters of destruction. As humans we are not masters of the earth. We

are abusing our inherent power and are destroying all forms of life on our planet.

The reality is that mankind IS interconnected, intertwined, and interdependent. We are one

with all that is. As long as we humans see ourselves as separate from everything and

continue to feed our insatiable egos to the exclusion of everything besides ourselves, we

will continue down a path of destroying our life-giving planet and therefore mankind as a


Future Leaders Now understand and embrace the fact that everything on earth IS

interconnected, intertwined, and interdependent. Future Leaders Now tend to be

connected with Divine Consciousness (what some would call G-d / Higher Consciousness),

with Universal Mind, thus with ALL that is. As a consequence these leaders are able to tap

into infinite wisdom, all knowledge and Universal Mind, at will. These leaders are aware of

their authentic self. They know what their core values are, who they are, are in touch with

their essence, and passion and purpose on earth. Such Future Leaders Now are no

longer driven by fear. They are driven by positive drivers such as visions which will benefit

their fellow man and a sustainable life on the planet. This is achieved by functioning from a

state of higher consciousness.

Future Leaders Now tap into their intuition. They tap into Universal Mind and receive

guidance, answers, inspiration, knowledge, and epiphanies at will. These leaders have moved

beyond ego as a driver. They have raised their consciousness beyond ego. They realise and embrace the true innate power of the mind. Living by the precept, ‘what you see (in your mind’s eye) is what you get’, they draw to themselves what they think about (within reason).

Future Leaders Now live their purpose with passion. They know and love themselves (not in a conceited way). They design and carry out their life plans. They understand, internalise, and embrace the deep realisation that everything is interconnected, interdependent, is one, and stems from one Source. As a consequence they listen to others, to their intuition, to Divine Consciousness / Universal Mind, and therefore are guided toward prosperous lives, relationship, careers, organisations, and a sustainable world. Future Leaders Now become Level Five Leaders as discussed in Jim Collins world renowned book, “Good to Great”.

Future Leaders Now have mastered their minds and collective mind power. They have reached a state of Being happy. They express their gratitude and give generously daily. These leaders are well informed, well educated, and experienced in all aspects of leadership, human behaviour, interpersonal relationships, and the human psyche. These and other traits, skills, and knowledge enable them to inspire people to ensure the long term sustainability of earth and EVERY living thing on it.

These are the Future Leaders NOW. Future Leaders Now bring about prosperous organisations and a sustainable world.

The (W)Right Coaching enables Future Leaders Now through customised ‘interventions’. However, the foundation of the programme is as follows: -

Customised personal mastery coaching

 Customised unique Future Leaders Now intervention

The Game of Life & Success – Steps to Self Mastery & Happiness” workshop

The Game of Life & Success – Steps to Self Mastery & Happiness book

    (written by Steve Krummeck)

 Consciousness Coaching & Consciousness Coaching Certification programmes;

 Other suitable identified interventions such as a Masters Degree in Leadership, and

    so on.

All prospective candidates are interviewed by Steve Krummeck to determine their readiness for such a programme. Only a select group of ‘leaders’ who see themselves as the Future Leaders Now, are put through this programme.

Book an interview with Steve Krummeck to become a Future Leader, NOW, and therefore make a profound contribution to ensuring a prosperous organisation in which you work / lead, as well as make a direct contribution toward a sustainable world.

Steve can be contacted on the e-mail address and or telephone number at the base of this page.  


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