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Career Coaching Needs Assessment Questionnaire

Below is a series of statements and questions.

The question * to ask in respect of each point below is, “Is this something I need and or want in my life / work life / workplace?”

I want to achieve personal mastery,

Improve your ability to explore various career options in line with your individual, strengths, lifestyle, values and beliefs,

Choose and work in a career you find most rewarding and beneficial to you,

Pursue a career most suited to you,

Enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling career,

Overcome career problems or hurdles,

Enhance your performance an realise your full power and potential in your career,

Be highly effective and a high performer,

Discover, clarify, and align with what you want to achieve in your career.

Do you: -

Want to explore and more clearly define what career you wish to pursue and make it happen;

Have high career aspirations and need or want to plot and plan your way to greater success. Do you merely wish to explore your options in your career?

Want to change careers;

Want to be promoted to a position YOU want;

Want to build on or improve your interpersonal communication skills;

Start your own business / enhance your business / expand your business and want to explore this with a view to formulating your plan and strategy going forward.

If you answer yes to any of the questions in the questionnaires above, then coaching will definitely fulfil your needs and be of great benefit to you, and or your company / organisation!

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