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Life Coaching - Is there anything you want to change in you life? The answer is sure to be a resounding YES!! To a large degree, life coaching will include career coaching and relationship coaching.

Amongst other outcomes, life coaching will focus on what your whole person (mind, body, soul, and spirit) needs are, your dreams and aspirations, wants and needs, what your passion and purpose in life is.

One of the primary aims of life coaching in respect of these items is to as best as possible empower you to identify what it is that you want out of life, work, relationships, spirituality, finances, health, family and friends, romance, personal growth, and fun and recreation, and your physical environment, and make it happen! Coaching is about you taking action and bringing about the changes you desire. Life coaching also focuses on building on or improving interpersonal communication skills.

If any one or a combination of the foregoing is what you want to receive coaching on, then our Life Coaching is for you! Let’s talk further.

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Self-Mastery Coaching - When we master ourselves we master all that’s around us. In my book, The Game of Life & Success – Steps to Self-Mastery & Happiness, steps are provided to assist you to realise a degree of self-mastery, and therefore phenomenal results in all areas of your life. Self-Mastery Coaching is used to assist and enable you hold your destiny in your hands, as well as entrench and fully integrate the steps outlined in my book. For an overview of The Game of Life & Success – Steps to Self-Mastery & Happiness, the Foreword by Dr Marshall Goldsmith, PhD, the review by Dr Jayme Albin, MA, PhD, and the chapter titles, click here

Self-mastery & life coaching