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We offer the following workshops.

The Game of Life & Success - Steps to Self Mastery & Happiness

This workshop will transform your life, relationships, career, and or business / organisation beyond your wildest imagination. What Standard Bank says about the workshop - click here

Click here to access a PDF version of the a brochure for the workshop. The brochure includes the following information; workshop overview, why you should attend the workshop, workshop outline, method of delivery, outcomes and benefits, cost, workshop dates, venue, and bookings. The file / brochure is EXTREMELY large and depending on your internet connection speed, may take a substantial amount of time to open.

The Happiness Now workshop

Why Happiness Now and the Happiness Now workshop?

A growing body of research is demonstrating that as we become

happier, the quality of our lives improves dramatically and in general we become better people.  As we become happier we become more compassionate, more creative, more energetic, more financially successful, more emotionally and physically healthy, and more effective and productive in the work place. Organisations / businesses that have a happy culture and happy employees, a happy way of being, enjoy all the foregoing as well as reduced stress levels and reduced absenteeism, and therefore less medical claims. In individuals there is greater commitment, confidence, self-belief, motivation, contributions

in general, and more of an inclination towards achieving their and the businesses

/ organisations full potential. Research shows that anywhere between forty to sixty

percent of the population is unhappy at any given point in time, equating to a large

percentage of the population / of your employees either not enjoying, or enjoying

less of all the foregoing. This alone is a powerful case for being happy and or

bringing about a positive, happy culture within your business / Organisation.

Click here for more details as well as access to access a PDF brochure on the

Happiness Now workshop.

Personal, Group, and Organisation Transformation Workshops.

Over and above the set workshops above, we also develop and design workshops

tailored to YOUR specific desired outcomes and or what we determine necessary to include based on our findings  (through a consultation process) in the area concerned.

We also facilitate a number of powerful workshops such as: -

Effective goal setting and achievement thereof;

Becoming a strategic and inspirational leader;

Finding and living your purpose and destiny and living both with passion;

Achieving self mastery;

Actualising your thoughts;

Finding balance AND living it;

 Fraud and corruption awareness;

 And much more.

These workshops are professionally hosted by Steve Krummeck (and other professionals is necessary) who has been fortunate enough to facilitate a wide range of topics over the last ten years, both locally and abroad.

Contact Steve Krummeck via our Contact Us page to discuss your requirements. Prices are highly competitive and well worth the investment.

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